Be a PHP form ninja and build forms the right way!

PHP class to easily generate and validate forms - without the hassles.

  • lots of pro features
  • gives identical JS and PHP validation
  • easy configuration with PHP arrays
  • flexible and extensible

Generate forms using PHP and validate forms using both JavaScript and PHP - with a class we really believe in and also use every single day.

Many of its expert features you'll never find in other form generators or classes! Be sure to check the examples and the tour at least - these cover Google Maps coordinate picker, built-in reCaptcha validation, dependency validation and more!

The top 6 reasons why you gonna love Clonefish:

  • Eliminate the form suck

    A truly versatile form class that does all the work!
  • No more stress for you

    Give yourself a break: pre- validate with JS on the client side, and finally with PHP on the server!
  • Transparent on all levels

    Fits to any form design and layout, silently helps with form quirks!
  • Easiest on the planet

    Form element configuration using an array, form properties in object attributes or ini file!
  • Absolutely compatible

    XHTML, multilingual, no interference with your JS framework, fast and light
  • Extensible

    Connect to any database, implement special form elements or validation types!

Wanna see some code right now?

Validating a form using Clonefish is like this:

  1. create a configuration array (or use the free online form builder!)
  2. display the form:
      $yourform = new Clonefish(...);
      $yourform->addElements( $configuration );
      echo $yourform->getHTML();
  3. Submit the form! The form gets validated using JS in the browser, and will get submitted on successful validation.
  4. $yourform->validate() re-validates totally identically again - this time using PHP!
  5. $yourform->getValues() - get the submitted values in an array.

And why is it so great? Because it helps you to build safe and useable forms easily without hassles.

Naturally there's much, much more in Clonefish - make sure you take the tour and check the examples!

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form validation for developers!

clonefish is a proven, mature form generator class that helps PHP developers to create, validate and process secure, flexible and easy-to-maintain forms
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