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We've partnered with the Kagi marketplace to start a very easy to use affiliate program: help promote and sell Clonefish and EARN EXTRA MONEY!

30% is what we offer for every single successful sale transaction. That IS high!

What's more:

  • no up front fees!
  • no ordering, shipping or other obligations
  • just tell people about Clonefish, and drive traffic to our website using your unique link
  • get a check in the mail each month!

It will be just that easy!

  1. Sign up with Kagi as a supplier. It's completely free!
  2. Sign up with us using our affiliate form!
  3. If you are approved, we will send you a unique affiliate link you need to use when linking to us. We also tell Kagi to connect our account with yours.
  4. Kagi will split the payment for the product, and pay you (once a month).

The important smallprint:

  1. We track visitors you sent to us using cookies for 30 days.
  2. DO NOT use of any of our trade or product names as your supplier name at Kagi.
  3. Please do not represent yourself as a "dealer", "authorized reseller", "agent", "representative", "partner" or similar. We are absolutely open to such official partnerships too, but we need to differentiate between affiliates helping us spread awareness of Clonefish and more sophisticated partnerships.

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