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secure - proven on many websites, unit tested tick tick tick tick
form builder - use your mouse to create forms on for free tick tick tick tick
template support - exporting the HTML chunks of the elements to support any template engine tick tick tick
standard elements - inputText, inputPassword, inputHidden, textarea, select, inputRadio, inputCheckbox tick tick tick tick
selectDynamic with tree support - <select> filled with options from SQL tick tick tick
selectFile - <select> filled with directory and filenames from filesystem tick tick tick
inputRadioDynamic - radiobuttons with labels/values from SQL tick tick tick
inputFile - intelligent <input type="file"> gadget tick tick tick
FCKEditor support (fckeditorarea2) - WYSIWYG field tick tick tick
Google Maps support (mapMarker) - coordinate input with a drag and drop marker tick tick tick
reCaptcha support - the most popular CAPTCHA solution tick tick tick
required validation - empty, unchecked, unselected inputs don't get through tick tick tick tick
date validation - configurable syntactical and semantical check tick tick tick
string validation - check length, regexp, equality with another field, and so on tick tick tick
number validation - integer, real or scientific notation, min/max values tick tick tick
file validation - filetype, min/max filesize, imagecreate check tick tick tick
database validation - match validation rules against database query results (eg. login form validation) tick tick tick

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