• Easy configuration using a flexible PHP array
  • Client-side form validation with cross-browser JavaScript, server-side validation with PHP
  • Automatic form generation with customizable layouts
  • Static and dynamic form input elements. Values for dynamic elements are retrieved from database queries, also offering some very handy special element types (FCKEditor support, file selector and much more!)
  • Dependency support: validate fields depending on other fields
  • Templating support by exporting the form elements to an array
  • Multilanguage support for outputting error messages or other information
  • Multibyte string support: entirely Unicode compatible, handles any other charsets too. Validate the exact length of and use regexp even with multibyte strings!
  • Supports array-fields:
    <input type="checkbox" name="cb[0]">
    or multiple selects like
    <select name="multiselect[]" multiple="multiple">[...]</select>
  • eliminates HTML form hassles
  • for dynamic inputs virtually all databases are supported through the built-in AdoDB, Pear DB, native MySQL connectors - and you can still create your own connectors to any database!
  • Optimized for faster loading times
  • Valid XHTML output
  • Unit tested (dozens of PHPUnit tests)

a mature, proven, flexible method for building forms and save your time

  • used in hundreds of web sites and applications
  • no need to create the forms in a HTML editor, though you can still use advanced styles
  • easy to extend with new element types, new validation types
  • flexibility that allows to keep your application code clean and easy to manage
  • small memory footprint

take the tour! - check the examples! - try the free version! - go professional using the pro version!

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form validation for developers!

clonefish is a proven, mature form generator class that helps PHP developers to create, validate and process secure, flexible and easy-to-maintain forms
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