template engine support


It's no doubt that template engines or similar MVC-related solutions help a lot even with the smallest websites. They're also a very handy solution in case you need to work with state-of-the-art designed forms. While the HTML code generator of Clonefish is very flexible, in several cases you may want to get more control.

Fortunately, with Clonefish you can also get absolute control over layout while keeping your form safe!

  • Define element layouts using the built-in HTML snippets (containers, element layouts) - or "null" them to decorate your form in your template later
  • Export form parts to an array (like JavaScript validation code block, the HTML code for each element, or the validation error messages) using $clonefish->getVars()
  • And at last use the array in your templates!

This method helps handcrafted form HTML to get through instead of generated HTML, and you can still have the building blocks (JavaScript, form tags) at hand to use where needed.

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