using database in your forms

Only very simple forms can be done without a database: most likely you've already built a lot of database powered forms, where several fields (dropdowns, checkbox groups) need to be created using some database content.

Good news: using simple database wrappers Clonefish supports virtually any data source on Earth. Clonefish has several built-in database wrappers:

  • MySQL: to wrap the native mysql_* functions
  • PDO: PHP Data Objects is the built-in database abstraction layer since PHP 5.1
  • PEAR DB and MDB2 - the classic PEAR DB package for database abstraction and MDB2, its successor
  • AdoDB - another versatile database abstraction library

You can pass database connections to Clonefish and populate elements with values from SQL queries, like in this example:


$config = Array(
    'type'        => 'selectDynamic',
    'displayname' => 'Choose country',
    'sql'         => 'SELECT id, name FROM countries ORDER BY name'


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