further advantages

As we've stated before, Clonefish is a versatile tool which fits well in any programming environment. 

This class helps you to fasten development in every aspect:

  • reduces time required to create secure XHTML forms with JS and PHP validation
  • form processing becomes a separate, well defined layer in your application
  • Clonefish enforces secure development and helps to avoid the evil magic quotes
  • the class provides an easily extensible structure - add own elements, validations, database wrappers as needed!
  • the loadConfig() method loads form attributes from ini files, so you won't need to set them on PHP level all the time
  • you get a free online form builder too!

What's next?

check the examples! - try the free version! - go professional using the pro version!

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form validation for developers!

clonefish is a proven, mature form generator class that helps PHP developers to create, validate and process secure, flexible and easy-to-maintain forms
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