inputRadioDynamic example

inputRadioDynamic elements read their values and labels from database using AdoDB - just a simple line if the config array, and your radio buttons are created dynamically! In this example you'll even find a manually added option ( "0 - no choice" ), the other two options are coming from database.

The live form - submit it!

Data dump

Below are the dumps of some PHP variables - submit the form to see the changes!

Contents of the $_POST array:
$_POST = array (

Results of a $clonefish->getElementValues() call:
array (
  'inputRadio' => NULL,
  'inputRadioDiv' => NULL,

There are cases when the above arrays are different. This is not a bug, but a feature: clonefish was written to help with everyday form hassles (like avoiding the missing value of an unchecked checkbox or compiling the whole date string from date selector fields).