string example

The string validation is great for validating the user input against a regular expression, or checking the length of the string entered. If you ask for passwords two times to avoid typing mistakes, this validation type will help you to compare the field values.

The live form - submit it!

Data dump

Below are the dumps of some PHP variables - submit the form to see the changes!

Contents of the $_POST array:
$_POST = array (

Results of a $clonefish->getElementValues() call:
array (
  'login' => NULL,
  'password' => NULL,
  'passwordverify' => NULL,
  'email' => NULL,

There are cases when the above arrays are different. This is not a bug, but a feature: clonefish was written to help with everyday form hassles (like avoiding the missing value of an unchecked checkbox or compiling the whole date string from date selector fields).