input type=checkbox, checkbox checked unchecked selected


A simple checkbox, like this: .
You can specify values for the unchecked and checked checkboxes. These values will be returned by $clonefish->getElementValues().

Note: according to the HTML specification, the unchecked checkbox values are missing when forms are submitted. Clonefish fixes this behaviour by design, so a checkbox value received from Clonefish is immediately insertable into a database for example.


= Array(
'answer' => Array(
'type'           => 'inputCheckbox',
'displayname'    => 'Please do check this checkbox!',
'onvalue'        => 1// value returned for a checked checkbox
'offvalue'       => 0// value returned for an unchecked checkbox
'value'          => 0// the value of 'onvalue' or 'offvalue'

'html'           => 'class="inputfieldstyle"',
'help'           => 'validation failed for this element',
'rowlayout'      => '...%element% %prefix% %postfix% etc...',
'prefix'         => 'string to display before element',
'postfix'        => 'string to display after element',
'readonly'       => 0,
'display'        => 0,
'htmlid'         => 'name1',


Live examples:

Validators to use together with this element:

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